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The previous question doesn’t have a correct answer, it depends on various factors, starting with your lifestyle, budget, routine, personal preferences, etc. Nevertheless, like in any part of the world, just be sure about how the utilities (electric, water, internet, drainage) are working.


Lake Chapala north shore is a series of small towns just a few miles apart from each other. Even they are similar or can look the same for you, on my opinion each one has its own vibe and characteristics.

In a period of 8 years I’ve been living in Jocotepec  (El Chante), Ajijic (Rancho del Oro), and now for the last 2 years in San Nicolas de Ibarra (East Chapala) and of course because of my work I have visited most of the neighborhoods (old and new).


In my newcomer seminars I love to sign into Google Earth and point all the areas and start trying to explain the general characteristics for each one, ie… Ajijic… is the “Golden Zone” a charismatic small town designated as Pueblo Magico (meaning a town that shows Mexican culture and tradition trough the buildings, costumes, traditions, food, etc). Ajijic is a touristic area with several alternatives regarding restaurantes, events, activities, shopping stores, galleries, bars, etc.). As one of the largest expat communities English speaking is common .


Ajijic is an area between the lake and the mountain, so you can understand the town is a little bit crowded and the only option to expand is the hills. Downtown Ajijic has cozy and little homes usually without garage and you will find that 2 story is a very common thing, up hill one story and a pool are more likely to be found but remember up hill is not as walkable everywhere.

National and expats love to walk everywhere in Ajijic,  to explore every streets and find hidden “treasures”murals, restaurants, daily colorful scenes……  well…all this charm comes with a price on your rental budget and sometimes  also on space and privacy ….

If you rent a home downtown or up hill, you will hear the church bells some days at the strangest hours,  the sing of disoriented roosters, music of street bands, children laughing and playing, a variety of cars with speakers with some kind of advertising, fireworks and cohetes every other day (some pets can’t stand the noise), regular parties (for any reason) with loud music and more of the Mexican traditions, folklore and personality.

The hustle and bustle can be for you a disadvantage or the nicest amenity…

West Ajijic… leaving Ajijic passing Villa Nova and Rancho del Oro there are gated communities, new constructions, condos and some home towns, more quiet and peaceful, but still  very close to Ajijic square town by car, bike or walking.

If you continue West you will arrive to San Juan Cosala  (enjloy the spring waters spas), then El Limon, El Chante and Jocotepec.

Jocotepec is a great town, his vibe is kind of a very productive mexican town (no cobblestone streets) with a great malecon, municipal market and you can easily access Guadalajara to the south suburbs (Costco and malls) on this side.

If you want to rent around these areas, you may find better prices and bigger homes, the disadvantage is that you may need a car, or a reliable driver…. In my experience the clients that are use to drive longer distances are ok with it… they can choose between going to Ajijic and socialize or staying at home enjoying a quiet evening, for the ones that their goal is not to buy or drive a car is a too far located option.


Going East from Ajijic we have 2 towns between Ajijic and Chapala… San Antonio and Riberas del Pilar…. Years ago you could tell the difference between Ajijic and San Antoinio now  is like they are becoming a part of Ajijic…. There are a variety of stores, bazaars, little restaurantes, tool stores, hospitals on the main Carretera.  Renovated homes in San Antonio, new constructions in Riberas del Pilar (Riberas is all septic tanks).


Chapala vibe is also touristic with a beautiful malecon, Scorpion island, Old train station,  restaurantes and stores for shopping, but there are no many gated communities or residential areas. Rentals here would be downtown , on Las Redes or Lourdes neighborhood… the town is spread all over the hill, but the access uphill  is a little bit tricky if you are not familiar with the area even by car.


Chapala Haciendas/Brisas de Chapla…. This home communities are at the entrance of Chapala before taking the libramiento to Ajijic…. Apart from the towns and in the middle of a nature environment.


East Chapala…. Drive 5 mins from the train station to  Santa Cruz and  another 3 San Nicolas two Little peaceful and quiet towns 5 minutes to Chapala and 15 to Ajijic by car…  The Country Chapala Golf Club is located at Fracc Vista del Lago.


Further from Ajijic you will find more rental homes and more affordable prices. So what do you think?… Hope this information is usueful to you. And  before you decide, let us help you  and give you a glance of the different areas.

We will answer any question you may have.


Hope to see you around.

Good luck


PS There more on the south shore but I will tell you about it in our next blog.


Welcome to Lake Chapala Area, where the climate is always great, the lifestyle has a relax and kind vibe, and the towns...
The previous question doesn’t have a correct answer, it depends on various factors, starting with your lifestyle, budget, routine, personal preferences, etc....


Welcome to Lake Chapala area, where the climate is always great, the lifestyle has a relax and kind vibe, and the towns offer charming traditions, wonderful food and a lot of social activities to choose from.  Locals, nationals and foreings are attracted to live here for different reasons  (work, vacations, medical tourism, retirement, etc) and  the demand for rentals have been increased in the last years according to several studies and statistics.

The real estate market is focused on the buying-selling operations, not every real estate agencies manages rentals and some of the specialized rental agencies do not manage aribnb or  seasonal rentals and  promote  just their listings. On the side there are real estate agents helping clients and owners to promote their homes through different social media groups, chats, adds, signs, etc.

This means that if you are visiting for the first time, you are a regular seasonal visitor, you have a job in the area looking for long term rental or even renting here for many years, you better be prepared to invest a lot of time researching, asking, looking on different websites, social media, small signs, etc to start filtering your available top neighborhoods and possible rental homes to start with for the next season.

Soon here at Lake Chapala Rentals Site we are going to have the largest rental inventory in the area, we are working on it.  Meanwhile you will find below some tips to look for your ideal place to rent.

  • Check our listings here
  • Check with a specialized  real estate rental agency or agent (referral, website or facebook page)
  • Check rental post on Lake Chapala Society board, restaurantes, supermarkets and business boards
  • Try some of the following groups on Facebook:
  • Roomate Rentals Chapala town
  • Chapala Properties for Sale and Rent
  • Inexpensive Rentals Chapala Town
  • Renta y Venta de Casas en Chapala
  • Lake Chapala & Ajiic Real Estate & Rentals
  • Ajijic Rentals Chapala
  • Market Place
  • Casas en Renta Chapala
  • MLS Lake Chapala Rentals

Our intention in Lake Chapala Rentals is to help potential tenants to have access to the largest rental inventory in the area and choose their best alternative. Give the owners, property managers, real estate agents and agencies the best visibility for their property and to give you access to an inventory of  referred home services providers.

This way you will obtain faster and better results, and saving efforts and time for everybody involved in.

We are all in this together.

Welcome home, enjoy the process and your staying here.

If you need any help, more information, referrals or have any questions please contact Oscar Villegas 3318370245 or Emy Cruz 3339524301 Whatsapp.

The previous question doesn’t have a correct answer, it depends on various factors, starting...
Welcome to Lake Chapala Area, where the climate is always great, the lifestyle has...